Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs

It's a week of events for the Sunweaver and Angel clubs and the Furry Fashion Lounge.

Club Cutlass: Best in 'G," TBA, TBA

Happy Vixen: "Food Fight," Christmas in July, Summertime Party, Bikers, CAYA, Sexy, CAYA

Club Zero Gravity: Best in Green, Public Service, Marvels

Furry Fashion: Television, Mythology, Mix n; Match, Pool Party, Modder's Monthly, Rave, Steampunk, CAYA, Technology

See the schedules in SL Clubbin'.

Note: Club Zero Gravity has a new location on it's sim.

Linden Lab Updates Terms of Service, DMCA Process Stricter

Linden Lab recently announced that there will be an update to the Second Life Terms of Service, which will take effect on July 31. One noteworthy change is that concerning DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notices, in Section Twelve, Part Two, at the bottom of the ToS page, or their "Intellectual Property Infringement Notification Policy."

To begin with, the Lab will not respond to any DMCA requests made inworld. Anyone interested has to either fax them, at, (415) 520-9660, or send a "snail mail" letter.

Linden Research, Inc.
945 Battery Street
San Francisco, California 94111
Attention: Intellectual Property Team

Then there was the following:

Please be aware that under 17 U.S.C. § 512(f), you may be liable for any damages, including costs and attorneys' fees incurred by us or our users, if you knowingly materially misrepresent that material or activity is infringing.

Looking up this law, it basically states, "anyone filing a claim they either know is false or unsure whether it's true or not may be taken to court." Or as Hamlet Au not so delicately put it, "If you waste our time with frivolous claims, we may just sue your a**."

Hamlet Au got several responses to his article, all positive. One responded, "This is a good thing. I know two recently who have had DCMA filed against them out of jealousy of (a) better product. " Another commented, "This change has been a long time in coming - many genuine SL merchants do NOT have the finances required to mount a defence on every claim no matter how frivolous, which has been one of the weaknesses of the DMCA with regards to SL. The threat of actual blowback in the event of malicious claims should also cut out some of the adventurism in this regard. It's one thing to write a policy and another to enforce it, though. Let's see how it affects things when it finally goes into effect."

So it seems Linden Lab made a move that, for a change, is getting approval from the residents. As one stated, it remains to be seen how it changes things.

Hat tip: Hamlet Au

Bixyl Shuftan

RFL Team Sunbeamer Celebration Party

Sunday July 23 was the day of Relay for Life team Sunbeamer's celebration party. The event took place from 6PM to about 8PM SL time at the Goblin Cave in the Pacific Waters sim, east of the Farshore Field airport. The occasion was to celebrate the team's successes, notably Platinum rank fundraising and winning an award for the campsite design.

Cynthia Farshore played the tunes for the party. During the time, the people joked and talked about old times. There was talk about making a try for Jade level next year, which would require raising an additional 300,000 Linden dollars. The idea was thought highly ambitious, but doable, mostly likely with a few joint events with teams such as Meli's Maniacs and the Steelheaders.

We were "the little team that could," and did over and over again. This next time, we would be setting out sights a little higher.

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, July 24, 2017

Reader Submitted: Burnstock 2017

This weekend, Saturday July 22 and Sunday July 23, the Burn2 spinoff event "Burnstock" took place. In Burning Man- Deep Hole, the festival took place with displays of art and a number of DJs and live musicians performing. With all of the fun, there was an eye towards raising cash for the sims to make up the "Big Burn" in October. Klaus Bereznyak was there, and wrote about the event.

Read Klaus' reader submission in Events.

Castle and Home and Garden Contest Opens

Yesterday, the Relay for Life spinoff event, the Castle, Home, and Garden Contest, officially began. Although taking place a little late this year, with it's time being after the Relay Weekend this means the event will get a little more attention from Relayers who miss the excitement and fun from earlier this month. Gemma Cleanslate has been getting a behind the scenes look at the show.

Read Gemma's story in Design.

The Moon Landing Anniversary Party

Thursday July 20 was the 48th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. In Second Life, the occasion was celebrated with an event at their Tranquility Base venue at the National Space Society sim. Although this was an all-day event, there were two important times, 1PM and 7:30PM SL time. It was 1:18PM SL time on the date in 1969 that the "Eagle" lander touched down. I was among those there watching a video of CBS news footage at the time of the lander making it's approach and finally coming down.

Some couldn't help but cheer at hearing the famous words, "Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed." "Woooooooo!!! 'Man on the Moon.' " "Congratulations, Team Apollo! Yay!" "Truly an amazing feat." A few people recalled watching the event on TV at the time, " I had enough time between landing and First Step, I could watch the landing at my in-law's house in Cincinnati Ohio then drive to our college apartment in Lafayette Indiana (between Indianapolis and Chicago) and arrive in time to watch the First Step. Better believe I had my fingers crossed; nothing would stop that car!"

There was more discussion, "Walter Cronkite actually teared up. Experienced newsman than he was, it still got to him." "Imagine the pressure on Armstrong. Christopher Columbus could revise his wording all the way back to Spain. Armstrong was 'live' with an audience estimated in the billions. Most-watched-show ever at the time." "They mention Neil in his heavy spacesuit only sank about 1/8" into the lunar dust. By then they knew he was in no danger of falling into a deep pool of dust, as some had theorized, due to the earlier Surveyer landers giving them, literally, 'ground truth'."

Talk soon turned to, "So when do you think we'll be back?" Despite NASA's grand success, public support for additional Moon flights dropped, and eventually so did the space program's budget. The last Moon landing would be on December 1972. Currently, the United States has no means of it's own to send men into space, let alone to the Moon. Perhaps China or some other country announcing it was launching a Moon program would spur America to return there. Or perhaps it would be a private space program. But there was little doubt among the people that it wasn't a question of "if" we'd be back, but when.

There would be another gathering at 7:30PM SL time to commemorate the first steps on the Moon at 7:56PM.

Bixyl Shuftan

The Focus of the Newser

The Second Life Birthday and the Relay Weekend and now behind us. These two mega-events represent the best of Second Life, people coming together and making some great builds, and in the case of the Relay for a great cause. They deserve lots of coverage. And from us, they get it.

But as good as these events are, covering (and documenting) these great events and their places takes some time from other people, places, and events on the Grid, and a few related Internet and computer issues outside it. Quite a bit can go on in Second Life. For instance on the Relay's "Teardown Day," there was the opening of a small real-life book publisher's office inworld, a Moon Landing anniversary party, and a benefit concert for live musician Maxx Sabretooth whom needed medical help. We've had to make a few choices in what to cover, and what to put on the back burner. And now that the big two summer events are done, we can focus a little more on other subjects.

What do you the readers want us to look at? There's plenty going on, such as the LEA art exhibits, Madpea and other games, various shops in Second Life that we could put a greater focus on, personal stories, and of course Linden Lab's next generation virtual world Sansar.

Should anything get a little more (or less) mention? Reader feedback, especially written comments, can make a difference in what we the Newser team focus on.

Bixyl Shuftan
Editor, SL Newser

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Relay "Flood Party"

One of the traditions of the Relay for Life in Second Life following the Relay Weekend is the "Flood Party." Beginning as an impromptu event in 2010, there has been one every year just before the day the builds are scheduled to come down. On a few occasions, the "flood" was just ankle deep water. This year it was significantly deeper, enough to bring out the inner tubes and inflatables, and the water balloons.

Read the story in Events.

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at the Happy Vixen during it's "Fire" party, with DJ Fortunas Sands.

By Bixyl Shuftan

SL Video: "Giant Snail Race, RFL Tiny Shady Fox Memorial Race "

(Click here if the video fails to play)

From RacerX Gullwing on July 16. Yours truly makes an appearance at the beginning.

Tiny Race: 1 - Rowena Dubrovna: 425.159500
Tiny Race: 2 - Jamac89 Resident: 441.481300
Tiny Race: 3 - Catten Carter: 500.669800
Tiny Race: 4 - loopy String: 501.304400
Tiny Race: 5 - Caleb Kit: 508.829100
Tiny Race: 6 - Fukuju Amaterasu: 511.766800
Tiny Race: 7 - SuperGlitterLoudBox Resident: 518.262700
Tiny Race: 8 - LittleAbs Resident: 532.202900
Tiny Race: 9 - Akay Utu: 554.904400
Tiny Race: 10 - Alden Cortes: 555.871500
Tiny Race: 11 - Cuddly Waffle: 567.920500
Tiny Race: 12 - Rhianne Daffyd: 568.627700
Tiny Race: 13 - Linn Darkwatch: 657.404500
Tiny Race: 14 - Lobbie Riggles: 669.583300
Tiny Race: 15 - Hey Voom: 716.191900 *
Tiny Race: 16 - Lominola Rehula: 732.341700
Tiny Race: 17 - Maryam Camino: 757.473900
Tiny Race: 18 - Sannctuary Resident: 793.663200

RFL 2017 Tiny Race
Loopy String
Abby Black (littleabs)
Rhiabella (rhianne.daffyd)
Brother Frog (hey.voom)
Glitter (superglitterloudbox)
Caleb Kit
Cuddly Waffle
Whispering Wind
Rowena Dubrovna
Josu Tenk
Linn Darkwatch
Fukuju Amaterasu
Alden Cortes
Lominola Rehula
Catten Carter
Akay Utu
Lobbie Riggles

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Editor To Be Guest Speaker at Safe Waters Foundation Today

Yours truly, Bixyl Shuftan, will be the guest speaker at the Safe Waters Foundation's mer Chat Pavilion today. The topic, at least which I'll be speaking about, is about writing for an online newsletter, or blog. Among the people there, Grace Wrigglesworth, the head of the Safe Waters Foundation, and Barbie Alchemi of Creations for Parkinson's.

The discussion is at 1PM SL time.

Mer Chat Pavilion  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Union%20Passage/96/229/1

Announcement: "Any1's Rez Day Benefit" For Feed A Smile

Any1 Gynoid, a former CNN iReporter and former member of the Newser team, has her tenth Rezzday today. To celebrate, she's turning the occasion into a n 11 hour long  benefit, with stand-up comedy, and live music, with proceeds going to "Feed a Smile," which funds the charity "Live and Learn" in Kenya.

For more information, check out their webpage at: http://www.leben-lernen-kenia.org/typo3/index.php?id=115&L=1


SL Video: "Snowee Dance"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

From Furry Alex on Nov 2015

Friday, July 21, 2017

RFL Team Sunbeamers Celebration Party This Sunday

This has been the best year for the Relay for Life in Second Life's Sunbeamer Team. But we're not done yet. Thus Sunday, we're celebrating our success, and inviting all of you to join in the party.

The event will take place in the Goblin Cave in Pacific Waters, just east of Farshore Field. Cynthia Farshore will spin the tunes. The music and dance starts at 6PM SL time.


Interview with Gem Sunkiller

Deaflegacy recently interviewed one veteran Relayer whom has become a familiar face in the Relay for Life of Second Life: Gem Sunkiller. Part of Team Shadow, Gem was part of the team's successful efforts this season, raising almost 1,800,000 Linden dollars and earning Topaz rank in fundraising. In the interview, Gem talks about she became part of the Relay, her team's most successful event in her opinion, and more.

Read Deaflegacy's interview in People.

The Relay Track Comes Down

"All good things must come to an end." And so must every Relay Weekend track. Even before "Teardown Day" on Thursday July 20, a few campsites were taken down the day before on Wednesday. This included the Sunbeamer camp, for some reason. Fortunately, a number of others remained up until the late afternoon and evening. And so people made last minute trips seeing them in detail, finishing up various hunts and games, or just going down the track one last time. Yours truly has also been busy taking pictures of the exhibits. Sadly I didn't get a detailed look of them all, but I get get a look at a number.

Taken by Trader Whiplash
"(sigh) T1Tower comes crashing down," Trader Whiplash announced, sending a picture of the radio exhibit's build not simply vanishing, but coming down with a symbolic crash, "hates this part of relay."

From Relay chat, taker unknown
"Best. RFL. Weekend. EVER!" commented Avariel Falcon in Relay chat, "Except for next year, that will be even better!" RaydenRider Resident spoke, "It was an amazing weekend though thanks to every single Relayer in SL." One told the group, "t was a terrible rollercoaster... lost a family member and a dear friend of mine just days before the weekend."

Ertina Loopen commented, "It is hard to see it go, but envision it as tearing down cancer because that is what Relay is all about. TI and Relay for Life in SL does it best!" Avariel commented, "I like the Fantasy Faire aproch of letting everything vanish into the mist."

And so, the Relay Weekend 2017 and it's sims have passed into history. But this is not the end of the Relay season just yet. Some teams are still having more events. This includes the Sunbeamers, whom are planning a celebration party this Sunday at 6PM at the Goblin Cave in the Pacific Waters sim. A spinoff event, the RFL Home, Castle, and Garden Expo is in just a few days, taking place on five sims on two levels. The opening ceremony at July 23 at 3PM, and it lasts to the end of the month.

For those who want to see screenshots of the Relay Weekend, there is the Relay for Life in Second Life Flickr page. Among the contributors, Wildstar Beaumont, IshtarAngel Micheline (Ishtarkiss), and Avariel Falcon. The Newser will try to have some more screenshots posted, soon.

Bixyl Shuftan

Pixel to Pixel Eighth Anniversary Dance Party And Open House: July 22

Greetings, Friends! We hope your SL is going great! We're having an event, and you're invited, along with your friends!

The Pixel To Pixel Foundation

♪♫♪  WHAT - 8th Anniversary Dance Party and Open House
♪♫♪  WHEN - Saturday, July 22, from 12 noon to 2 p.m. SLT
♪♫♪  WHERE - P2P Headquarters at Clairehaven


Come help us celebrate 8 years of improving the SL-lives of people on disability. Great Friends, Music, Food, and Limbo Dancing. Theme: Hawaiian. Dress: Beach Wear/Casual

Here's your limo:

SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clairehaven/130/136/24


The Pixel To Pixel Foundation's mission is to provide support for individuals on disability who are members of the SL community. The foundation provides a financial stipend to those who qualify, as well as other supports. The stipend enables people with drastically limited means to do things that many enjoy in SL without giving it a second thought -- have a home, buy some clothing or furniture, or simply taking snapshots or uploading textures.


We're in need of new donations! Would you like to help?

Any amount helps, and all amounts, large and small, do add up. You can help us get more people off of our waiting list and continue to support the ones that we already do!


We rely on a steady stream of donations to provide the stipends on a weekly basis. The math is very simple. The more we can fund raise, the more people who can receive assistance. There is a waiting list of people that you can help us to assist. Any donation helps, whether it is large or small, a one-time donation, or something you feel called to do on a regular basis.

You can help make this happen for people in Second Life who are on disability. You can become a part of that enabled or re-enabled ability to thrive. By donating to the Pixel To Pixel Foundation, you are helping people to stay in Second Life, and to better enjoy the full range of opportunities that it can give them.

However you choose to donate, we thank you on behalf of our clients and ourselves. It's a beautiful thing you're doing, and it makes a real difference.

Thank you, everyone!

Jadyn Firehawk, Founder
Pixel To Pixel Foundation

SL Video: My Walk Around the Relay for Life Sims, 2017

(Click here if the video fails to play)

Posted on Youtube on July 16 by "ThatSLGuy" Benny Springflower, "the reason why I did this video is simple, I after RFL is done all of it will be deleted, and with the video we have the possibility to watch it back even few years from now "

He starts in RFL Spirit, and goes clockwise. The Sunbeamer and Steelhead camps appear at about 13:20, at 22:20 is the multiple-award winning build by Dreamin' in Purple, and at 28:00 is the "Chinese temple" RFL Journey designer sim.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Checking the Relay Sims

"You can either *be* in Second Life, or you can write about Second Life." Actually, you can, but I've found it very difficult to the point I seldom try. Stories take time to write, time that is sometimes needed to see something before it goes away, in this case the Relay sims. Don't worry, we'll have more stories up soon.

Moon Landing Anniversary Party

Join the National Space Society in SL on July 20th at our Tranquility Base venue as we celebrate the anniversary of mankind’s first lunar landing. National Space Society (50, 100, 3674)

We will gather there at 1pm SL time ahead of the landing time, and again at 7:30pm in advance of the first steps on the Moon to watch the videos and discuss the past, present and future of space exploration and development.

Ad astra (“to the stars”)!

For more information on the Apollo 11 mission:






Important times for Moon Landing Day, July 20th

Apollo 11 lunar landing time:  July 20, 1969, 20:18:04 UTC … 1:18:04pm SL time

Apollo 11 first step on the Moon:  July 21, 1969, 02:56:15 UTC … July 20, 1969, 7:56:15pm SL time

Recommended videos
(you can view these any time in your browser or on the screens at our Tranquility Base venue)

Apollo 11 Moon Landing - CBS Coverage

Apollo 11 First Steps on the Moon - recently restored video of the first lunar EVA

“Hope Eyrie” (The Eagle Has Landed) - anthem of the Space Age
Performed by Julia Ecklar, written by Leslie Fish, video edited by Per Malm

NSS, National Space Society (50, 100, 3674)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at the Purrfection Estates. Looks like Skylark Lefavre found a solution to high electric bills.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Reader Submitted: "The Very Best of Broadway"

Ciska Riverstone recently sent the Newser a reader submission about a performance in Second Life this month, "The Very Best of Broadway." Taking place at the Oval Theatre Company in the Devils Cave sim, the show offers select dance numbers from various shows such as "Footloose" and "A Chorus Line." Ciska was impressed, describing the production as "a labour of love" not soon forgotten. "Broadway" will be done again today and later this month.

Read Ciska's reader submission in Events.

Today Last Day Up For the Relay Sims

With the time until the Relay sims come down getting closer, many were taking some time, even if it was brief, to give then another look. I happened to catch this meetup between Trader Whiplash, Gem Sunkiller, and Aryon Dagger.

Fuzzball Ortega was also giving the track a look. As far as yours truly knows, he walked most of the way. Though word has it he was in a go-cart part of the way.

Among the people I ran into was Nancy Clowes, the head of the "Fun Rides and Amusement Parks" group. She introduced me to Pryda Parx, the producer of the Future Shock machinima series.

Valkyrie Ice found an Asian-themed build at RFL Journey. Since she couldn't take it with her, she took a number of picturesque screenshots with her in a Chinese outfit.

There were two announcements in the Relay groups today. One was the time for the "Flood Party, " which was scheduled to be between 5PM and 7PM somewhere in the Relay sims.

Location TBA on Wednesday
Join us one last time for a Farewell party to the Relay Sim.
Dance, party and share your relay memories!

Bring your inner tube to put on and wear your water proof clothes....just sayin.

The other announcement was a sadder one, that after Wednesday, the event would be coming to a close.

 Sadly the Relay Sims need to be returned. Campsite clean up must be done by Thursday June 21  11pm slt. We are not responsible for any no copy items left on the sims after that time.

Please try to leave the campsites /builds up until Wednesday night or Thursday if you can, as ppl are still visiting.

For those who want to see lots of screenshots of the Relay Weekend, there is the Relay for Life in Second Life Flickr page. Among the top contributors, Wildstar Beaumont, and IshtarAngel Micheline (Ishtarkiss)

Bixyl Shuftan

2017 Relay Weekend Awards

Presented at the Closing Ceremony of the Relay Weekend

Cancer Education Awareness Award

Source of content must come from cancer.org , and the experience should be interactive 

1st     Relay Rockers
2nd   Go the Distance
3rd    Dreamin in Purple

 Inventive Creative Fundraising Award

Awarded for the unique, creative and successful method of RFL fundraising at the team campsite.

1st     Old World Artisan Guild
2nd   Go the Distance
3rd    Dreamin in Purple

Best Themed Decorated Campsite Award

Awarded for the all-around design interpretation of the RFL of SL 2017 ‘Passport To Hope’ theme.

1st    Dreamin in Purple
2nd   Circle Of Life and Sunbeamers
3rd    Go the Distance

Designer Sim Award

Awarded for the design team build that captures the essence, reality and scale of the real or imaginary worlds they represent, and truly gives a world to call our own for a brief and unforgettable moment in time.

1st     Luna Barak  RFL Survivor Caregiver Region
2nd   Eclair Martinek   RFL Remission
3rd    Alia Baroque  RFL Imagine

New Team Participation Award

Awarded to the new team for 2017 that displays exemplary organization and participation during the 2017 Relay Season and Relay Day event.

1st     The Finishing School Of Angels
2nd   Buckin Cancer and Lil Rockers
3rd    Old World Artisans Guild

Returning Team Participation Award

Awarded to the returning team for 2017 that displays exemplary organization and participation during the 2017 Relay Season and Relay Day event.

1st     Relay Rockers
2nd   Bonanza Country RFL Team
3rd    Team Shadow and Aether Chronoauts Tiny Steps (ACTS)

More awards to be presented at the Relay Wrap-Up in August, including The Spirit of the Relay, Team and Individual.

Source: RFL of Second Life.

SL Video: "Gee's Wonder Island Part One"

(Click here if the video fails to load)

The first part of Lokirat's video review of "Gee's Wonder Island," in which she looks at the island itself, taking a look around and trying a couple contraptions. In the second video, she gives the boats a try. In the third, she ventures to the sky platform to look around and runs into a few pranks.

Impish Glee (229/241/21)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Sunbeamer Camp for 2017

The various teams of the Relay for Life in Second Life do many events. But another source of pride, and what they're often remembered for, are their exhibits, or campsites, on the track for the Relay Weekend. No matter if it was a large "umbrella team" or a small team with just a few active members, each group got the same sized plot to show what they could do. For the Sunbeamers, "the little team that could" had managed to beat the obstacles it had and came out with a first place trophy for it's build last year. So what to follow up that success with? Shockwave Yareach, the main builder for the team, had an answer in the form of an airport build that was both entertaining and educational.

Read the story in Design.

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs

The Relay Weekend is done, but there's plenty of events at the Sunweaver and Angel clubs, and the Furry Fashion Lounge. This includes a special event at the Goblin Cave.

Club Cutlass: Best in 'F',  Monochrome, Xmas in July

Happy Vixen: Naked Tuesday, Shades of Grey, Best in Boots, Lounging at Home, Best in Red, CAYA

Club Zero Gravity: Best iN Purple, Hats, Ribbons and Boes

Furry Fashion: CAYA, Pirates vs Ninjas, Omnipunk, Leather and Lace, Food, Goth, Kings of the Road, Forest Creatures, Movies

Goblin Cave: Special Event - Team Sunbeamer Celebration party

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.

Updated 4PM

Club Xanadu Goes on Hiatus

There was a little sad news for fans of Club Xanadu over the weekend. On Sunday July 16, Perri Prinz announced that she was taking an indefinite break from running shows there.

Due to health problems and other real life issues, I can no longer run events at Xanadu.  Any hosts and DJ's with cards in the boards can run events in the club as they please, but I don't expect I'll be around to help.  If somebody wants to take over, please do.  But otherwise I just have to let it slide.

The classic rock club first opened in the Sunweaver Estates in May 2009, co-owned by Perri and her partner RECoyote Mindes, its design based on the club in the movie of the same name, which in real life was the Pan Pacific Auditorium. Over the years, Perri has had a reputation of being a skilled DJ with a good knowledge of music, which was demonstrated at the "Fallout Party" in April. In March, the club reopened after a hiatus of over a year and a half. Besides music, Perri has also been known as a fiction writer, notably her serial sci-fi/fantasy story "Spectral Shadows." But lately she has done some nonfiction commentary concerning her opinion of the state of furry fandom and the threat of the radical-left Antifa group.

It is hoped that Perri's real-life troubles will ease so she will be able to return to DJing.


Bixyl Shuftan

SL Video: "Relay for Life 2017 , Personal Highlights"

(Click here if the video fails to play)

From ThatSLGuy Benny Springflower on July 17, "In this video I show you my personal highlights from the Second Life Relay for Life sims in 2017"

Monday, July 17, 2017

Reader Submission: Second Life Museum of Nuclear War

Fritter Enzyme was a regular writer for the Newser in the past. While real life has kept him busy, he still writes on occasion about Second Life. Next month are the 72nd anniversaries of the atomic bombings of two cities of the Japanese Empire, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These superweapons finally brought an end to the most destructive war of modern history. But it wasn't long before the Soviet Union developed it's own nuclear weapons, and for decades it and the West were engaged in a nuclear standoff that many feared would end in war and each side destroying the other with their arsenals of atomic weapons. Eventually, the Cold War ended. But rouge states and terrorist organizations are still trying to develop or acquire these weapons of mass destruction. Fritter came across a place in Second Life which takes a look at these issues: The Second Life Museum of Nuclear War.

Read Fritter's reader submission in Places.

“Bacon of Hope” Hunt at New Toulouse

Besides the Relay Weekend, Gemma Cleanslate has also been at New Toulouse in the past few days for their "Bacon of Hope" hunt. In the game, using a HUD, you look for plants of a particular kind of invasive species considered a threat to local ecology, which can be exchanged for bacon. At the end are some boxes of gifts. But one possible complication in the hunt for the flowers are the hippos that have somehow found their way into the swampland, and running into one could be bad.

Read Gemma's story in Events.

Relay Weekend, Day Two

Day two of the Relay Weekend was a bit slower paced than the first. Many who pulled all-nighters were still sleeping in the morning. In the "Coffee, Curlers, and Cake" themed hour, Team ACTS was providing some free coffee, donuts, and other goodies at their campsite at RFL Hero (first image by Bain Finch).

Normally I try to be at the closing ceremonies. But this year, my computer just can't take the lag, given I was lasting a minute or less in the opening. So I just spent the time with my team, the Sunbeamers.

At 11 AM SL time was the "Victory Lap, in which the team got onto the field." And our team had a new victory to celebrate. We had won Second Place in campsite design. "The little team that could" had done it again.

Fireworks went off at various points along the track. While the Sunbeamers had come away with much this season, in fact the real victory belonged to every single Relayer. Once again, hundreds of thousands of US dollars had been raised this season for cancer research and treatment, bringing the world a little closer to the day suffering from it is a thing of the past.

Eventually, many of the people began heading out, to real life or other places in Second Life. But some would stick around, some at a couple parties at T1-Radio's location or Radioactive Air's place at RFL Support.

One team, OD Designs, was so close to leveling, that they held an event to try and push them over the mark while it was still the Relay Weekend. A few friends from the Sunbeamers came by to help things along, and eventually, "Team OD just made Silver! ... We made it ... thank you!"

This not yet the end of the Relay season, or the Relay track. The areas will still be up for a few more days. As far as yours truly knows, Wednesday July 19 will be the last day the sims and exhibits will soon be up, with the traditional "flood party" taking place sometime that day. After that, the sims will be closed and the contents picked up. Following that, teams can still hold events, and some will continue to do so. This will likely include the Sunbeamers, whom are talking about one last party to celebrate their successful season.

The final event, the Relay Wrap-Up will take place next month in August.

One image from Bain Finch

Bixyl Shuftan

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The Newser team has worked hard at bringing you the news of the people, places, and events of the Relay for Life and other happenings across Second Life. But sorry to say we can't be everywhere, and we don't always have time to write about every single place we come across.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at the Relay for Life. Seems two superhero roleplaying groups did a little mix and match with two different comic universes. And the way Batmain and Robin were paired with one of Spiderman's villains, it looks like the normally perceptive Caped Crusader is about to get a nasty surprise.

By Bixyl Shuftan

The Reelay Weekend, Day One in Brief

At 10AM, the Relay Weekend officially started with the Opening Ceremony in the meeting place of the four sims. To help keep people from crashing, people were asked to listen in via T1 Radio's website, the SL radio stream disabled in the four sims for the first hour. Despite this, yours truly had a bit of trouble crashing, and so the pictures I was able to take were only so good.

Softpaw Sommer took this picture of the Relay traffic. There were hundreds of avatars on the road. Unfortunately the result of the avatars was a lot of lag, and about the same number of Relayers in several less sims than last year didn't help. So it was a bit crashy for me, and some others, for a little while.

 But lag or no, the show must go on, or rather the Relay. And me and my friends did our share of walking the track.

The hours had different themes. One was "Crazy Hats and Hair." So yours truly brought out "The Hat," the Sunbeamers' answer to the Steelhead Salmons' "The Hair." It got a number of looks and comments.

At one point, Gemma Cleanslate ran into this guy, "Who you gonna call?"

More cash continues to be raised by the Relayers, and several teams have gone up a fundraising level so far. The Sunbeamers have gone up to over 600,000 Linden dollars raised, third among the four Platinum level teams, and first in terms of inworld raising alone (two were boosted by funds coming in from outside Second Life). So how much will be raised today? We'll see.

Go Relay!

Hat tip: Softpaw Sommer , Gemma Cleanslate

Bixyl Shuftan

Bastille Day in Paris 1900, The Creation Story

July 14, or "La Quatorzieme (The Fourteenth)" as it was known in France, was Bastille_Day, or officially known there as "la Fete nationale" (the national celebration). And so in the Paris 1900 sims, they were throwing a party. The event lasted two hours, with a DJ, a performance troupe, and live music, provided by Sylvana. The event took place in the Paris 2000 and the Les Champs Elysees sims.

There probably hadn't been as much red white and blue around since the American Independence Day celebrations ten days earlier. While the majority of the crowd were "Francophones," there were a number of English speakers happy to join the party.

* * * * *

That night at 7PM was a showing of "The Creation Story," a Christian stage production. Performed by Pet Karu and Unity Stage Productions, the Newser wrote about them several years ago. Pet stated then that the point of the play was getting the Christian message, “not just from the pulpit, not just from church, but in a new light.”

The play was performed in front of a mixed crowd of human and furred avatars. The play will take place again today at 4PM, Friday the 28th at 7PM, Saturday the 29th at 2PM, and Sunday the 20th at 4PM


Bixyl Shuftan